Our Story

B2B Payment Systems was born out of necessity. When the founders of B2B began working in the payments industry years ago, it was obvious that ethics were lacking with many service providers. We often heard the phrase, “We swim in muddy waters” being used as a sort of tolerance or general acceptance of the questionable behaviors and tactics seemingly plaguing the industry. Some merchant service providers use these tactics in order to generate short-term profits. Horrendous early termination fees, fictitious hidden fees, cooked in annual fees, and excessive monthly service fees are all techniques that processors will often use to pad their bottom line. These morally questionable pricing tactics result in high profits for the processor, at the direct expense of the merchant. It is the human element on the other end that is largely neglected or outright ignored. Something had to be done. It was out of this necessity that B2B was born.

Here at B2B we’ve made it our mission to offer Transparent, Ethical, and Reliable electronic payment solutions to our merchants at a fair price. As stated in our name, we specialize in card not present B2B or “business to business” payment solutions. Although B2B processing is our specialty, we also have dozens of card present B2C or “business to consumer” solutions available, as well. In fact, no matter what the processing environment B2B has the products and know how to get the job done. At B2B we leverage our in-depth industry experience, pricing comprehension, and industry relationships to custom tailor processing solutions that are perfect for your unique needs. Furthermore, we pledge to setup our accounts with no early termination fees, no binding contracts, no annual fees, and no hidden fees. We truly earn your business each month, and our goal is to be the last payment solution you ever use.

We built this company for you! We want this organization to be your greatest resource in the payments industry, so you can have confidence and trust your Transparent, Ethical, and Reliable payment partner, B2B Payment Systems.